Pou Brothers i Stavanger

Pou Brothers i Stavanger 30.09.2015

Pou Brothers

Iker and Eneko Pou are two brothers from the Basque Country that have been using free climbing techniques into big wall all over the world in the last 2 decades. Back in 2000, with the second ascent of the late Wolfgang Gullich’s classic Frankenjura test-piece route Action Directe (F9a), Iker Pou announced his arrival on the stage as one of the world’s strongest sport climbers. Iker’s talent had always been obvious – climbing F8b+ as a teenager and then making more than 90 ascents of routes between F8c and F9a over the following years. An obvious path would have been to continue along that road, bagging the hardest bolted routes at crags around the world but the love for the mountains he shares with his brother Eneko spurred them both on to bigger and greater adventures together. They are a perfect climbing team, combining Eneko Alpinism and big wall experience with Iker superior climbing skills they free climb some of the most amazing big-wall all over the wall.

The arrangement is hosted by  BRV/Uisi/Fjellsportgruppa.

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