Foredrag med Andy Cave

Hvor: Sørmarka Arena
Når: 21. september 2018, 19:00 – 22:00
Språk: engelsk
Welcome to a new lecture at Sørmarka Arena!

Coal miner to Mountaineer: Vertical adventure, an inspiring and fun whirlwind of climbing exploits with English alpinist Andy Cave. At 17 Andy discovered rock climbing and was instantly hooked. He dreamed of climbing the world’s hardest routes, though many laughed at his ambition. Just three years later, he succeeded on the north face of the Eiger. After four years as a coal-miner Andy quit his job so he could dedicate himself to climbing and has never looked back, climbing hard routes on rock and ice, in the UK, the Alps and in the greater ranges.

His story has been read by tens of thousands in his two award winning books, Learning to Breathe and Thin White Line. He has appeared on radio and TV, as both presenter and subject, and has inspired many with his journey of an ordinary boy growing up to achieve remarkable things.

He will share his love of Norwegian adventures in Lysefjord and Lofoten also!

Arrangementet er gratis for alle medlemmer av BRV, og det vil være muligheter for å kjøpe mat og drikke i baren.

The lecture is free for all BRV members. You can buy food and drinks in the bar.