Application form for bolting refunds

It will not be possible to apply for bolting refunds in hindsight.

BRV has always wanted to provide financial support to the development of new crags in Rogaland. Previously it has been common practice that the club has repaid expenses bolts, hangers and quick draws after cliff is developed. We still want to support the development of cliffs, and as of 2015 you have to apply for a refund before the bolts are handed out.

The club has purchased a large number of bolts, hangers and quick draws in high quality that are kept by the materials manager Simon Atkins. Anyone can apply for obtaining whatever else they need by filling out and delivering the enclosed form to him. This must be done before the bolts can be handed out.

Why have we done it this way?

  • We know that bolts, hangers and quick draws are of good quality
  •  It is cheaper for the club to buy in large quantity than to repay easily expenses
  • We have an opportunity to consider whether the rock is prudent to develop, and we can provide advice and guidance if desired

A consequence of this practice is that materials manager and possibly security group will learn about the rocks that are under development, but everyone who sits on this information will have strict confidentiality until the rock is fully developed, if desired. In other words no danger that lines should be stolen.

Sincerely Board and the security group